Makeovers with Photoshoots


Makeover with Photoshoot


We sometimes need reminding of our natural beauty, and a makeover session with me is the perfect way to treat yourself or a girlfriend when in need of an empowering pick-me-up. After an initial consultation I’ll style your hair and apply your makeup expertly to highlight your features. Then I’ll guide you through a relaxed mini photoshoot. After the session I’ll send you a selection of images from our day, showing you at your beautiful, natural best.

This service was created after the birth of my daughter. Becoming a mother is the most rewarding, life-changing experience, but there is no denying that it’s a physical and emotional rollercoaster that often leaves women feeling out of love with their looks. This gentle, friendly and relaxed session aims to reconnect you with how beautiful you are, and help you to feel more confident.

Hairstyle, Makeup & Up to 10 Images