Add a little extra – hair accessories

Have you considered accessorising your wedding hairstyle? 

Accessories can release your creative side and take your style to a new level. It doesn’t have to be over the top either I mean it can be; the sky’s the limit, but it’s easy to keep it classic and stylish. In fact, there are so many options, from feathers to flowers, from sparkle to sensational, that if you haven’t considered adding a little extra to your hair, I suggest you take a look at these beauties… 

After all, a bit of bling never hurt anyone. 

Classic regal 

You can have your crown and wear it. It’s your wedding day and that means you’ll feel like royalty. So, if it’s that princess-like vibe you’re going for, a tasteful crown or tiara can be the ultimate finishing touch. Bring it with you to a hair trial and see what suits your hair and your inspiration. Don’t feel like you have to be extravagant with your styling, you can see here that a crown works just as well with a simple ponytail.   

Classic regal wedding accessory

Dare to dazzle   

Think of your hair as a sculpture and the accessories as part of the finished form. You can truly dazzle with a simple but effective addition to a carefully crafted style. Accessories, such as this sparkling thread, can be woven into your hair so that you glimmer as you walk down the aisle. It turns an already impressive hairdo into an off-the-scale work of art, and all without seeming too showy. Perfectly pitched glamour, I’d say.

Dazzle wedding accessory 

The Hatinator

Feeling a little indecisive? Roll out the hatinator. The hatinator is perfectly positioned on the fence between a hat and fascinator (if you couldn’t guess that from the name). Sometimes a hat is a little too far, so this is the perfect accessory to make a bold entrance. It’s definitely mother-of-the-bride appropriate. Perch it at a sufficiently jaunty angle and choose a colour that compliments or is included in your attire. 

hatinator wedding accessory

Flowers in her hair 

I don’t think there’s anything more gorgeous than threading florals into a hairstyle. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Keep it sweet and simple with small, wild flowers. Try a cascade of colour in flowing locks or a large plait. Add a little interest to your  tousled bun with one simple flower (such as a rose or a flower from your bouquet). Flowers can be subtle or bold. Match them to a theme, or choose randomly, and don’t let winter put you off. There are flowers for every season and a winter wedding could feature white flowers, such as a frosty looking gypsophila, sprigs of evergreens, or the deep, rich colours you find in roses and gerberas. You could even let your natural side out for a festive party and add a sprig of holly (mind those prickles though) or mistletoe to your hairstyle. 

floral wedding accessory

Full-on flower crowns 

If a scattering of flowers is not pushing the boat out far enough, opt for a full-on flower crown. Flower crowns always make me think of meadows and mystical stories. Draw on your inner Titania (queen of the fairies) and let your hair flow freely from under a wreath of flowers.  

flower crown wedding accessory

More than a wedding piece 

Accessories are not just for weddings. The simplest outfit with a classic hairstyle can be immediately upgraded with an elegant accessory. It’s one of the most effortless ways to wow. If you are starting to think about the party season, why not think about investing in a beautiful hair accessory? It means you can wear your favourite black dress and still sparkle. 

party hair accessory

Your flair 

Ultimately, anything can be an accessory. Feathers can give your style added flair or find vintage inspiration, such as that ‘something borrowed’ or ‘something old’. Your wedding day is about you and your expression, and a unique accessory is one way to share your flair. Don’t forget your bridesmaids or flower girls. Perhaps there are additional touches you can add for your best girls. 

What you think of my best girl here? A touch too far?  🙂 🙂 🙂 

find your wedding flair

If you need some accessory inspiration, take a look at some of my past brides on Facebook or Instagram. Or if you’re a Pinterest fan, the path to inspirational hair accessories lies this way.

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