The cost of wedding hair and makeup

Money can be an awkward subject. So I’m going to speak frankly and openly about some of the things you may want to consider when thinking about your hair and makeup for your wedding day. 

It all adds up 

Getting married comes with a pretty hefty price tag, which you’ll know about if you’re in the throes of planning. The latest statistics put your average UK wedding at around £30K. You’ll be unsurprised to hear that most of it goes on venue, music, flowers, the dress and food and drink (just the cake can clock up hundreds if not thousands of pounds). In all this, hair and beauty shyly take a backseat, barely taking up a percentage to make it onto the statistic boards and is usually the first thing for ‘the chop’ when budgeting. 

But why do we compromise on our appearance on the most photographed day of our lives? 

Reclining bride

As fresh as when it went on 

You want to browse your wedding album in years to come and look as fantastic hitting the dancefloor as you did in your ceremony photos. But just think: how does your makeup look after a day at the office? It naturally wears off. Especially if you touch your face or fuss with your hair. Your wedding makeup is expertly applied to stay on for the duration. Your hair is styled to look gorgeous for hours and hours. Yes, even the ‘natural’ look makeup application is an art. And there’s a skill to getting the exact look you want and in a way that will have you glowing with confidence in every picture taken. 

“My hair and makeup lasted all night – even after some hours of dancing! Thank you Gabi x” Claire

Behind-the-scenes value  

There are plenty of added-value benefits to using a professional. For a start, you get access to high-end products, to makeup that’s matched exactly to your skin tone and delivered exactly to your discussed and preferred style. Combine that with the comprehensive skill of a dedicated wedding professional and you have the ultimate tailored service. This may be your wedding luxury but it’s one that is going to make you feel the star of the show.  

Makeup and hair

More than just makeup 

But it’s not just your appearance. One of the most important benefits that come with having your own high-quality hair and makeup stylist is that you don’t have to worry about it on the day. A true professional can kick-start your wedding day in the most relaxing way possible. 

One of the best ways to enjoy the getting-ready process is to put it into professional hands. It’ll be scheduled, trialled and completed to perfection for you (and even your whole bridal party) without any dramas. So you can relax into the day.

“Gabi was really attentive to my needs and made me feel really relaxed on my big day. On top of doing my hair, Gabi and her assistant also did hair for my 5 bridesmaids and my mum in only 5 hours. All the hair lasted all day.” Francoise

My standards are as high as yours

We’re known as hair and makeup ‘artists’ and there’s truth in the name. Great hair and makeup thrive on natural creativity but there’s also a lot of technical skill behind it. I’ve spent years and thousands of pounds in training for this career. (You can read about my journey here). And my training and self-development is ongoing with masterclasses and workshops. I stay at the forefront of industry trends and have the expertise that comes with years of delivering personalised hair and makeup for weddings. So you know that my standards match your expectations. 

Over the last 12 months alone I’ve tended to 53 brides, had pieces published in three wedding magazines and I’ve won some notable awards along the way. I’m proud of my reviews and I’ve worked hard for them. It’s all to make sure that I’m at the top of my game and my brides get the absolute best for their big day. 

Beyond the makeup bag 

My services don’t start and end when I open and close my makeup bag. As soon as a bride becomes a client, I’m on call and email for her – ready to help, advise and settle nerves. That goes for way before the big day. She’ll get tips on how to prepare her skin and hair, and any reassurance needed. Because, let’s not forget, it can be a stressful time. A makeup artist is dedicated to the day and the bride, often missing personal events as the majority of weddings take place at the weekend. 

Don’t forget makeup artists are freelance professionals. We also have to take into consideration the boring stuff. That’s the things that take up time and cost money (but we don’t get paid for). It’s the getting up at 4am and driving to (beautiful) and far flung venues. It’s the quality kit we invest in and lift up winding staircases. That’s not to mention invoices, fielding emails marketing, website hosting, social media, writing posts like these, and much more. 

Pay cheap, pay twice 

That’s an age-old saying. It may be true if you cut corners on hair and beauty. Ultimately, though, you don’t want to feel ‘cheap’ on your wedding day. You want to feel glorious – so invest in the right person to do that for you. 

“Gabi was my fairy godmother. After an awful experience with another make up and hair stylist for a trial, Gabi was able to save the day and exceed my expectations by far. She’s also wonderfully friendly and will make you feel like the princess you ought to feel on your big day.” Heather

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