No One Is A Winner: The Race To Unattainable Perfection

There’s a worrying trend that I’ve noticed over the last year, which feels like it’s getting worse. As we become a more social media led culture by the day, the images we are seeing are becoming more and more ‘perfect’ – cleverly manipulated with filters, apps and software, which can be sometimes hard to spot. Whether it’s because we’ve had more time to browse social media over the last year or so, or if it’s just a sign of the times, I’m seeing that many ‘inspirational’ Pinterest boards and Instagram posts are much further from reality than meets the eye. 

In my own experience, I have spoken to other wedding hair and makeup artists who, like me, have brides bringing wedding makeup images for us to emulate or to take inspiration from. While this is fine, expected and helpful to see these images for inspiration, I am noticing that in many images, the skin is devoid of any texture, smoothed out with an app, or enhanced in a way that is simply unachievable.

This is also the case with editorial or styled shoots. When you see these images, the women pictured are not real brides – they’re professional models who have an entire team behind them. While gorgeous in their own right, the model’s looks are enhanced with lighting, professional angles and of course, post-production software to ensure the image is as excellent as it can be. 

What worries me is that women seeing these images are striving to achieve these looks in their everyday lives, and feeling sadness and disappointment that can’t seem to look like that. Not because they’re not beautiful, but because the image projected is SIMPLY UNATTAINABLE without the professionalism that goes on behind it. It’s so important to recognise and understand the work that goes into certain images, so that women do not end up holding themselves to a higher standard than is possible.

My own style for my brides is natural and elegant, and the images I share are as natural and untouched as possible. You can be sure that when you view the pictures of my work and brides, the only enhancement you will see is to ensure the lighting is as complementary as it can be to give the full effect of the bride’s natural beauty, enhanced with careful makeup.

It’s so important to me that my brides are not striving to look like an ideal that doesn’t really exist. With the filtered images we are seeing, no one really wins, because it adds another layer of self-consciousness and holds up the idea that you must be ‘perfect’ to be worthy, which is simply not true. We all have blemishes, texture and ‘imperfections’ that make up the image of who we really are. I myself have many and like many women, am on a journey to accept myself for who I am! 🙂 

I for one would love to see more natural pictures on my feed, and I’m doing my best to contribute to A NEW TREND – REALITY.

It really is okay to simply look like yourself.

Here’s to you – the real you – can’t wait to see you soon xx

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