Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends for 2020

I’ve always loved how makeup enhances what you already have. I’ve never thought of it as ‘covering up’ but as a way of elevating features. Like magic, you can draw attention to a particular part of your face, create a dewy complexion, or bring out that cheeky sparkle. But, let’s face it, makeup is what you make of it. You absolutely can use it for full drama, for contouring and transforming, but you can also use it subtly – so it looks like you’re wearing hardly anything. For me, this is where I think the magic really lies. Creating a ‘natural’ look means looking at your bone structure, your facial contours, skin tone, and all the elements that make your face yours, and then applying makeup that magnifies your best features. It’s the little things that make a difference. For example, I always use individual lashes to create more length or body for your eyelashes in the most natural way possible. And, the wedding trends are reflecting a movement for natural-looking makeup. 

2019 has seen a shift away from heavy contouring and layers of foundation. One of the most prominent makeup movements in the world of hair and makeup has been understated elegance. Read on to discover what’s hot on the wedding scene, and how to get it for your own wedding day. 

Wedding Makeup Tip 1: Sleek and simple

The sleek and simple look has been the favourite hair trend for brides this year. ‘Sleek and simple’ means adding some control to your hair and letting it frame your face with minimal interference from accessories, curls or braids. It’s glossy locks that have been styled to stay in place (whether that’s up or down) and see you through your wedding without moving a hair. Very simple down-dos have been even more popular with this style, often tucked behind the ear, and oozing simple glamour. (Psst, this look pairs perfectly with trend 5). Wedding Ideas magazine heralded it as a strong trend for 2019, and it’s set to continue into next year, judging from the inspiration that many of my 2020 brides bring to me. 

Sleek and simple wedding hair by gabrielle
Ask your stylist:
Use the term ‘sleek and simple’ with your stylist. If you have inspiration from magazines like Wedding Ideas or Bride Magazine, or Pinterest boards, bring them along to show them the styles you’re most drawn to.


Wedding Makeup Tip 2: Blend and blur 

Blurred eyeliner is a wedding makeup trend that keeps your eyes looking smoky and a bit sultry without being over-dramatic. It’s a trend that covers all colours and is a favourite for brides who like to keep eyeshadow minimal. This way you can have everything from sweeping cat’s eye in any colour to elegantly accented lids that will work with nude-look makeup. 

Blend and blur your wedding eyeliner
Ask your stylist:
For blurred eyeliner and softer shades on the lids. 


Wedding Makeup Tip 3: Tousled elegance 

Hand-in-hand with invisible makeup is the trend for simple, refined hair that screams natural elegance. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast Tiffany’s but a little more tousled. It’s a defined up-do with a few escaping locks that says: it could be my wedding day, or I could be eating pastries on the French Riviera. 

Ask your stylist:
Be specific about what you want. Does your updo involve a braid or statement piece? There’s flexibility with this trend, as it’s all about staying true to your style while keeping it elegant. 


Wedding Makeup Tip 4: Embrace the brow 

I don’t mean in a drawn-on, block-colour kind of way. But (thankfully in my opinion) letting your brows grow out is a trend that’s making waves. We’ve long seen the back of over-plucked brows and high arches, now it’s all about the ‘brushed through’ look. Our eyebrows grow to the shape of our face and this method lets your natural shape take precedence, so they frame your face in the most natural way possible. Don’t worry, it’s not a meet-in-the-middle situation; your brows are curated enough to look natural and elegant.  

elegant hair and makeup
Ask your stylist:
For brushed-through brows. Avoid the temptation to over-pluck in the weeks before your wedding. Let your eyebrows grow a little before your makeup trial and talk to your stylist about the best way to let them naturally frame your face. 


Wedding Makeup Tip 5: Lip drama 

What compliments a nude face? Dramatic lipstick. You may want to stay in the all-natural zone. Or you may opt to follow the trend that aims to finish off a makeup-free look with killer lipstick. Think deep reds, rich purple hues, or bold pinks. It’s the splash of colour that can take a dewy look to fierce in the sweep of a brush. Perhaps save this as your style move from daytime ceremony to the evening party. 

Natural look, dramatic lipstick. Hair and makeup by Gabrielle
Ask your stylist:
To try daytime lipstick in contrast to powerful evening shades. See what suits you and what you love. Then make sure that you have the right lipstick (or your stylist) on-hand for the transformation on the day.  


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