Hitched Wedding Awards 2022: I WON!

A few days ago, I was simply getting on with my day when all of a sudden I had to catch my breath – I received a message and it slowly dawned on me that…I HAD WON!

Yes, I’d won the  Beauty, Hair and Makeup category in the Hitched Wedding Awards 2022! I’m not ashamed to say that I cried, I was so overwhelmed and thankful!

This accolade is so, so special to me because these awards aren’t given through a panel of judges or decided on by Hitched – they’re decided on by YOU. Each of my brides and clients who have left me a great review and feedback has helped me to get this very special award. 

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU, because this award has given me a huge boost of confidence. The last couple of years have been frustrating, filled with sadness and uncertainty for myself, other wedding suppliers, couples and of course everyone else. I’d been feeling quite down with all the cancelled events, the worry and the unease, but seeing this land in my inbox has given me a much-needed lift. I’m so proud!

I really appreciate each and every single person who took the time (especially when everyone is dealing with their own life and stress!) to leave me a positive review and feedback. Without you, I’d not be where I am today and I am grateful every day. 

I’m super excited for the 2022 wedding season and beyond – I’m determined to continue to provide the best service I can for my brides, to make them feel at their most beautiful on their special day. 


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