Why You Need A Wedding Hair and Makeup Team

When you’re booking a hair and makeup artist supplier for your wedding, it can be tempting to book them separately, especially if you’re inspired by the looks one MUA creates and love the hairstyles of a different artist. You may think that the look will turn out well – and it might – but I want to explain to you the benefits of having a wedding hair and makeup team who have worked together before.

First and foremost, the look will be cohesive. Often, you can find the overall look when you have a different hair and makeup stylist that the look doesn’t quite ‘fit together’. Secondly, a team knows how long the makeup and hair is expected to take and can work harmoniously and seamlessly together to a hard deadline and create a stunning modern look that corresponds with your dress, style of wedding and overall vibe.

Finally, when hair and makeup artists don’t know each other, they don’t always work well together. Each artist has their own process, their own order of things and that can be jarring.

Our team has worked together on so many occasions and have known each other for years. A HUGE benefit of this is that we can read the room, create a fabulous atmosphere for the bride and bridal party and expertly navigate the wedding morning. Our weddings have run into the hundreds and we are experts at delivering at pace, exactly at the times needed. It’s totally seamless.

We know from experience that the wedding morning is a special time but which can be fraught with pressure. As well as the makeup and hair, we work SO hard to ensure that everyone – and every thing – is managed, seamless and planned to perfection. It doesn’t happen by accident. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work – and sometimes, it takes a team to make that happen.

As always, I would be so pleased to hear from you to talk about how I can help you on your big day.

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