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What does every bride need on her wedding day? 

Someone waiting in the wings to rescue sticky situations. The chance for a little TLC and time out. The peace of mind that your style can last the whole event (or be changed).  

It can all be your reality   you can have access to your hair and makeup stylist all day and into the evening. Whether you feel it’s a luxury or necessity, there is a multitude of reasons to call in your stylist for the whole event.  

If you haven’t considered having your hair and makeup stylist with you for the whole day and evening, read on. Here are five great reasons to book them in for the long run. 

bridal hair and makeup

1. For the emotions of the day 

Your wedding day can be an emotional time. Tears will flow, hugs will follow and in a day filled with love and people it can take a toll on your hair and makeup. If you think about how long your makeup lasts across a normal working day, you’ll know it doesn’t take much to wear it down. A good hair and makeup artist will of course make sure that your style can handle a much more intense day than one at the office, but I’d say it’s even better to have the ability to have a ‘refresh’ whenever you need it or feel like it. It can help give you the space you need to relax. Which brings us to the next point…


2. Time out 

You know because you’ve been planning it, but your wedding day is pretty packed. It’s been said that on many occasions the bride and groom don’t actually find any quality time together until after the event as they are the two people in such high demand. Phew! On such a structured day, it can be liberating to know that you can have access to some time out just for you. Your space to get your hair tweaked, your makeup replenished. Some, even use this as a bit of a ‘phew’ moment. A chance to sit and be pampered in the peace and tranquillity of a private room, and with someone who they know and trust, but who is not expecting anything of them.

Lots of bridesmaids

3. Changing styles and dresses

We no longer have to settle for one dress or even one style. Your wedding day is exactly that yours and that means wearing just what you want. Whether that’s having a classic long gown for the ceremony and chic short number to show off your dancing shoes and free your limbs or having multiple style changes throughout the day. When you have your stylist on-hand for these transitions, it makes the whole day run much smoother. 

Makeup can be adapted or topped up. Hair can be restyled or refreshed, so you can exit and make a new entrance as glamorous as the first.

4. Your wedding party, covered 

Having your stylist on-hand doesn’t just mean that you’re covered, your wedding party is too. Just as you have someone you trust (and with all the necessary equipment) to help, so does your nearest and dearest. Your bridesmaids will be ever grateful if they’re in on the action too.

5. Peace of mind 

Whether you’re worried about mascara puddles or tousled hair, you’ll get instant peace of mind knowing that any issue can be resolved in a heartbeat, no matter what the time is. When your stylist has been and gone, even if they are to return in the evening, the fact is you’ll have to wait. Booking whole day bridal hair and makeup service can be a gift to yourself so you can breathe a sigh of relief.    

Your wedding day is one of the most special and not to mention one of the most photographed days of your life, and I’d love to help you look flawless and feel at your most beautiful and confident on this day. 

If you’re interested in a full day and evening service with me for hair or makeup or both, drop me an email at [email protected] for a bespoke quote. 

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I’m already excited to hear about your big day!!!

Gabi x

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